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Preparation work such as the re-routing of cables and pipes and the demolition of buildings will take place until summer 2016. Hereafter, construction of the actual Noorderbrug route project will commence. In Maastricht East we will be converting the Viaductweg/Willem Alexanderweg junction into an interchange where traffic can flow uninterrupted. On the western bank we will be working on the construction of the new traffic structure as of summer 2016. We will be constructing the landing of the Noorderbrug on the Bosscherveld industrial estate and we will be extending Belvédèrelaan in the north through to Brusselseweg. We are going to adjust the Fort Willemweg/Cabergerweg junction so that it connects to the new landing. It is expected that traffic will be able to use the new roads in summer 2017. The completely new east-west connection is expected to be completed at the end of 2018.

To ensure continued accessibility, the work planning is coordinated with other major traffic projects such as A2 Maastricht which is concurrently under way in the city.

Planning in terms of the main features of the Noorderbrug route looks as follows:

  • End 2015 to mid 2016: finalizing the design, demolition, re-routing cables and pipes, soil studies
  • Summer 2016: commence construction on Noorderbrug route
  • Summer 2017: Start of use of the new Noorderbrug (via bypass), including Limmel East junction and Belvédèrelaan
  • End of 2017: Noorderbrug will be ready for use (without bypass)
  • Mid 2018: Boschpoort junction will be ready for use
  • Mid 2018: conversion of Frontensingel and Cabergerweg
  • End 2018: completion of the main infrastructure

Please note: schedules are based on current assessments and may change. We will keep you updated via our website, Facebook, Twitter, and our digital newsletter!


The Noorderbrug route project is being completed in five construction phases. Preparation work such as the re-routing of cables and leads and the demolition of buildings will take place until summer 2016.

Download the map of the building phases in PDF format here.

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