> The Noorderbrug route

The Noorderbrug route

The impetus for accessibility

The new A2-tunnel in Maastricht East  is expected to improve the north-south directional flow of traffic in our city. The Noorderbrug route project dovetails with this enhancement and will create an improved flow of Meuse-crossing traffic in the northern part of the city. This includes a faster connection with Lanaken and Smeermaas in Belgium and a good connection with the road network in Maastricht West. To achieve this, on the north side of the city centre an entirely new traffic structure will be built between 2015 and 2018.

The Noorderbrug route is approximately five kilometres in total length and stretches from the Limmel fire station in Maastricht East to the Nobellaan in Maastricht West and the Brusselseweg in Maastricht North.

The impetus for liveability

By directing the new route into a northern direction and creating a direct connection to Belgium we are unburdening the busy Statensingel and Hertogsingel. This will result in improved air quality and a cleaner environment in large parts of Maastricht. In the districts where the new structure will result in an increase in passing traffic, we will provide, where necessary, custom work to reduce any nuisance. We are laying noise-absorbing asphalt, placing noise barriers, and we will be isolating several homes against increased levels of noise.

Space for the Sphinx Quarter

The changing of the Noorderbrug route will essentially enlarge the city centre. An entirely new district south of the route will be created: the Sphinx Quarter. Access to the new ‘young’ district will become easier and more attractive. It also enhances the lively vibrancy of the area.

The impetus for the Fronten Park

The new Noorderbrug route is restoring the old fortifications to their former glory. By changing the route, space is freed up to reconnect the Hoge and Lage Fronten. This will create a new park, the Fronten Park, that will encompass more than twenty hectares. The Fronten Park will be the counterpart of the city park on the south side of the city and will be given a wild and rugged character. This park will have plenty of space for events, flora and fauna, and cultural heritage.

You can see the location plan of the planning area here.

Click here te learn more about the planning in terms of the main features of the Noorderbrug route

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